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Student Success Stories


Below are sample Student Success Stories from those students who have completed MGE’s online training courses.

Note: All success stories are kept confidential unless a student provides approval for it to be published.



“I really enjoyed taking this course. It gave me information that will help me get through learning new things, things that I may be stuck on, or don’t understand. I will definitely be taking away a lot from this lesson and putting it to good use. Thank you so much to Nico for helping me too!” – L.D.

“I just started as a front desk receptionist at a dental practice and I’m completely new to the world of dentistry. My manager told me about MGE and asked me to take an online course called Study Skills for Life. I have a lot to learn and felt really excited to be able to start my studies. This course was extremely informative and I had the MGE expert team helping me along the entire way. I got stuck a few times and they were kind enough to help me with any questions I had and taught me in a very patient and respectful way. I learned a lot and felt that the information was helpful as well as challenged me and helped me grow. I will take the tools that I have learned with me on my journey to becoming a better, more knowledgable, and helpful employee :)” – J.T.

“I loved this course! I’ve never worked for an office that took the time to train their staff not only hands-on but with courses like this as well. I learned a lot from this. I enjoyed the feedback I received from Nico and how easy it was to communicate with him. He was awesome at explaining everything and made sure I was 100% understanding of the material before letting me submit my course. I learned a lot that I can not only use in my professional life but personally as well. Thanks for everything!!!” – B.M.


“This course was very extensive, with a lot of useful information. I have gained the tools I was lacking to manage problem areas, as it relates to staff.  I now have a better understanding of the need to practice by using stats. Look forward to the next subject.” – L.S.

“I found this course very interesting and relevant to every aspect of business and life. …The course is very practical and beneficial on every level.” – S.P.

“I found this course to be very informative. …It is about helping everyone to succeed and to make sure these employees have the proper tools and communications to be as productive as possible and hold everyone accountable for their posts. …I am just super excited that I have completed this course and I am ready to implement these tools so we can expand and be more productive.  …Thank you so much to each of you that took the time out to make sure I was comprehending all this good information. I am looking forward to my next adventure!” – J.F.


“Completing the basic organization course has allowed me to fully understand and grasp the concept of why businesses must stay organized. Organization in a business keeps employee morale positive and always yields a successful final product.” – L.N.

“I have learned that in order to have a high production company, there has to be a designated position for every employee. This allows for a smooth flow in the office and draws in more revenue. I will use the things I learned from this course to create a well-running orthodontist practice. I will continue to use these skills throughout my college experience and onwards.” – DG

“The basic organization course was interesting and very helpful. We are in the process to open another location, so with the knowledge I’ve got from this course, I will be able to hire appropriate team members, create positions (hats), write up job descriptions, develop a check-list for each position and running a successful business.
I m grateful to all the instructors who helped me to go through this course.” – M.M.

“This was a game-changer for me personally. It was very clear to me that where I was getting stuck at my job/position and where I had been stuck in past jobs had everything to do with organization and lack thereof. It wasn’t that I wasn’t organized myself but more that I didn’t grasp the full understanding and complexity of organization. Going through this course not only showed me exactly what steps I needed to take to reduce and eventually remove the chaos and coping but immediate steps to correct the organization we had. It takes time but at least now when I am dedicating the time to create an org board with the doctor I know that both of us are on the same page. We have a plan and the plan is working for us and we have only just begun! Thanks again for a good course :)” – C.G.


“I definitely feel confident about reading statistics and assigning conditions. This will help me tremendously in setting and accomplishing goals for myself and the office. I feel like I learned why we put so much time and energy into tracking and graphing our statistics. This course tied a lot of things together for me.” – T.W.

“This course was great. It showed me how to look at all stats within divisions and departments and as a whole for the office. How to assign the conditions to the stats and look at trends. This helps control and run any business.” – A.K.

“This is a very good course. When I started on the course I saw a lot of things in the office that I did not manage by statistic so I didn’t know for sure if stats work or not. I started applying a statistic for every employee and the office products got better. I still need to work and assign more statistics for all of my employees. It’ll be better from now on.” – T.N.


“One of the paramount things that I learned…is that a correction should never be done in writing – through a memo. I, unfortunately, I have done this on occasion and I know never to do that again. There’s nothing that can replace or repair like personal contact. I will remember this going forward and believe that the impact will be positive.
“I also think that many of us have the desire to be a good leader and we go about trying to do the best that we can without the knowledge on how to properly do so. This course really breaks down what it takes to be an effective good leader. The course taught me exactly what to do to make sure that I am a good, strong, and positive leader. It also explained how to protect the organization so that leadership and member-related mistakes can be avoided.
“With all of the things happening around us currently, you can’t just wing it. You have to know that what you are doing will make a difference. This course has taught me how to properly implement new policies and how to sustain my leadership. It has also taught me how to avoid mistakes that other leaders have made (common mistakes that are made if you aren’t equipped with the right data).” – K.S.

“As a business owner, I never realized how important effective leadership is to growing a practice I am pumped to take responsibility for my practice and get kicking butt.” – A.K.

“Thanks for offering online that was great. The best thing about this course is I learned how to handle developed traffic (inefficiencies), and realize why I did not have time most of the days and why I was overstressed, I was doing, promoting and not correcting developed traffic and also I was putting stuff for later rather than doing it right away! Great course for all executives. I strongly recommend it.” – A.Q.


“I just finished the Increasing Efficiency course. In this course, I learned lots of important tools on how to organize my practice, how to teach my staff to become more organized and efficient, and more importantly how to teach them how to comply with the policy of the office and their hats. I am hoping and excited to start implementing these tools in my office as soon as possible and improve the efficiency and organization of my practice. Thank you so much for all of your help. Everyone at MGE has been so helpful.” – M.R.

“This is a very valuable lesson for an executive, especially trying to know what an executive wants on his lines. This course gave a very good idea of developed traffic, analysis, and executive responsibility. I personally learned a lot about dispatches, compliance reports, and how to handle work. A lot of individual stress trying to handle multiple areas is relieved after gaining sufficient knowledge on “ increasing efficiency” and knowing in detail about organization communication system despatches.” – G.S.

“I experienced success with this course in that I learned about the different forms of (inefficiency). …This course has given me the skills to learn how to identify and correct these issues so that we can be even more efficient. We have been short-staffed lately and I know that this will be a huge time saver and lifesaver in the present. Thank you!!” – K.S.


“This honestly was the hardest course I have taken because it was long and had a lot of writing but it was the best course!!!! I never felt this way after finishing a course. All the courses are important but I feel this one is the most important. I truly appreciated learning all this data. I feel like I have more confidence in running my practice and handling my staff. Although there was so much writing, all the data was thoroughly drilled in my head. It made the final exam a breeze. I learned that a business always exists in a condition. It is so crucial to identify the correct condition and be to apply the formula correctly. A business needs constant monitoring but it also needs the correct map to guide you through. This course was the ultimate map for setting you up for business success. THANK YOU MGE!!!!!!” – M.S.

“This has been the best MGE course I have taken so for. It was also the longest and the hardest and most demanding course I’ve taken so far.
“I have been applying what I have been learning from this class as I’ve been taking it and I have seen changes in my office from this application.  I wish I had known about these Formulas for years.
Marie Claire was a great instructor and a hard taskmaster.  It is because of her that I got out of this class what I did.” – G.S.

“This course has really brought about a difference in my perspective of looking into a lot of scenarios and given me the ability to correct the situation if need be. I am really looking forward to utilizing my skills first thing Monday morning. Thank you.” – N.K.


“I have learned so much from this PR course. I now have a better understanding of how to reach and handle different publics and improve the conditions of my dental office. This course was very well written and laid out.” – A.O.